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Tsanko Tsankov swam across the Cook Strait

Bulgarian swimmer Tsanko Tsankov achieved considerable success by swimming the Cook Strait with a record time for 2024 – 6 hours and 23 minutes. This achievement is quite a feat, as the conditions were extremely difficult, including strong currents and cold water at a temperature of 12.7 degrees, which caused several hypothermic crises in Tsankov.

He swam a distance of 30.5 kilometers, starting from Perano Bay in the South Island and ending at Terafiti Beach in the North Island. Despite challenges, including strong currents that swept him off course 3,500 meters before the finish, Tsankov successfully completed the trek.

This success is his third in the Ocean Seven series organized by the WOWSA World Open Water Swimming Federation. His achievement was officially recognized by the two New Zealand judges who were present on the boat.