What is victory to you?

“For me, winning is important to prove to myself that I am capable of conquering greater and greater heights and achieving my goals, no matter how difficult my path to get there is.”

Another huge success was achieved by the talented competitor of the “Ludogorets” SKLA – Razgrad Lachezar Valchev. On Wednesday at the European Junior and Girls’ U18 Championships in Jerusalem, Israel, our athlete took the championship gold in the triple jump. Valchev entered the final, having already achieved 15.33 m in the qualification for #1 – a result equal to that given by his main competitor in the competition, the Italian Nicolo Cannavale. However, in the decisive match, the resident of Razgrad was indisputable and took the first place with a large lead. Valchev improved his personal record and his leading place in the European ranking for the season for the age group with 15.76 m /+1.2 m/sec/.

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