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Hristo Hristov Wins Silver at 2024 European Weightlifting Championships

In the intense European Weightlifting Championships held in Sofia, the Bulgarian weightlifter Hristo Hristov won three silver medals in the category up to 109 kg.

Hristo Hristov impressed the audience and the judges with admirable performances in the throw and push, where he scored 175 kg and 205 kg, respectively, and in the match achieved a total result of 380 kg. This earned him silver medals in all categories, proving his high class as an athlete.

Hristov was particularly impressive in his attempts. In the throw, he went through three successful attempts at weights of 170, 173 and 175 kg, handling each one without a problem. In the push, Hristov took less of a risk with his first request of 200kg, which he successfully increased to 205kg, securing a provisional second place in the rankings.

With this silver success, Hristov solidifies his place among the leading athletes in Europe.