Authors of a stratospheric start to the match, the Servettians inflicted a scathing 3-0 on their rivals and regained the lead in the ranking.

At Heerenschürli, the Garnets arrived with a certain rage to win. Omnipresent, tireless, disciplined and diligent, the Barcala players dominated the first half head and shoulders. Serrano, Korhonen and Mauron will score Geneva’s three successes of the match in the space of a good quarter of an hour of play. Knocking out the FCZ straight away. A score which could have been heavier before tea but Elodie Nakkach only found the crossbar on a heavy strike after 8′. This same Elodie Nakkach who took a cross from her compatriot Saoud a few moments earlier.

After the break, Zürich had to correct their situation. This was without taking into account a solid rearguard and Inês Pereira well inspired at the hour mark against Pilgrim. Zürich pushes but fails to create sufficient opportunities. Servette held on and reaped a prestigious and well-deserved success for Zürich, just a few months after suffering the same score in the playoff final against the same opponent.

A nice little revenge which rewards the excellent work carried out since the restart. The Grenat therefore finished this 1st round at the top of the ranking and without the slightest defeat! The Fontenette residents will travel to Lucerne next Friday at 8 p.m. before the international break and will play their last match of the year at home against Thun on Saturday December 9.

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