Without flinching, the Servettiennes dominate Wil on the score of 9 to 1 and climb to the quarter-finals of the Swiss Cup.

On the side of Bergholz, the Garnets did not make a difference against Wil, a resident of LNB. A clear domination for a net score of 9 to 1 in a match where Eric Sévérac’s players may have slightly doubted the time of two minutes.

On the pitch, the gap is visible from the first moments. Servette is not there to rely on his achievements and makes it known with intense pressing and the first chances which begin to fall one after the other. It is therefore logical that the opener will arrive from the 5th minute through Sandrine Mauron. Servette finally gets his first goal of the evening and starts looking for the second. Nevertheless, too approximate in front of the goal, the Garnet will repeatedly fail to make the break.

And it is even Wil who will benefit from it. Following a well-spun counter-attack, the locals manage to come back to score. A short-lived joy as it took less than 2 minutes for Korhonen to restore the advantage to his team before Wil’s defense got tangled up and scored an autogoal just before the break. Servette therefore returned to the locker room with two clear goals and a slight fright at the end of the half.

As soon as the locker room returns, the machine starts on the side of the Genevans. Korhonen scored his second goal of the evening before Padilla returned to score a hat-trick. Serrano will mark her name on the scorers’ table in the middle of Padilla’s three goals while Daïna Bourma will score the 9th and last goal of the match.

Deserved victory for the Servettiennes who will see the 1/4 finals next year. Before that, the Garnet will have two more league matches before ending the year. The first on the Aarau side on Saturday November 26 and the next on the Yverdon side on Saturday December 3 to complete the year 2022.

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