In an intense match at Wankdorf, the Servettians only took one point away from the capital.

Despite a very good first half rewarded by Imane Saoud’s opening after piercing the Bernese defense, the Garnet left Wankdorf empty-handed. Sandrine Mauron even had the ball for 2 to 0 but that was without counting on an Ackerman on the big nights. A scenario similar to the last meeting between the two teams where Saoud also opened the scoring before YB equalized in the 2nd period

After tea, YB decides to increase the pace. Multiple unsuccessful breakthroughs followed before the equalizer in the 71st minute from Kuehn’s feet. An equalizer to which the Genevans responded a few minutes later. From a corner from Marchão, Nakkach headed back before Clémaron subtly deflected into the opponent’s cage. The equalizer came in the last minutes following an unfortunate disagreement in the Servetti defense. The Garnets will try everything but both Korhonen and Simonsson will come up against Ackerman. A draw from which only bitterness emerges.

The Servettians’ next meeting will take place on Saturday March 16 at the Fontenette stadium against Saint-Gall, currently 5th in the championship standings behind YB. The Servettians therefore find an opponent they recently beat: it was in the Swiss Cup.

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