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Another victory in the ring for Yosif Panov

On 16.12.2022 Yosif Panov “The Viper” took another victory in the ring of the 52nd edition of the Bulgarian professional league MAX FIGHT against the Czech boxer Miroslav Serban, better known as “The Lumberjack”.

The Bulgarian super welterweight champion Yosif Panov already has 23 victories in his professional career, 11 of them achieved by knockout.

His opponent has extensive amateur experience in three different categories, and has recorded 13 wins in his professional statistics, 7 of which by knockout.

The two boxers met in the ring under the rules of professional boxing in a match of 6 rounds of 3 minutes each.

Josif Panov made a show of speed and accuracy right from the start of the match. The game was very fast and dynamic, with many exchanges of blows from different angles. Miroslav Serban showed great stamina, but Josif Panov controlled the pace, relied on volume of punches and dominated the ring. Josif Panov achieved his victory by unanimous judges’ decision.